52 Conversational + Playing Cards • Family Friendly • Water-Resistant

52 Conversational + Playing Cards • Family Friendly • Water-Resistant

Playing Cards to tell your best stories.

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Our Conversational Card Decks

Communication made simple, meaningful and memorable.

Spark connections on the road of life

We’ve carefully designed every card & every question to invite honest communication, storytelling, and a balance between depth and fun! Let’s take things back to basics and get to sharing your best stories.

Can’t remember the rules? Neither can we. Here are our favourites for your next game night!

Our Values

  • Fun First.

    We believe in the power of laughter and play. We want people to enjoy the experience and to return to it whenever they need some levity.

  • Accessible Experience.

    Our cards are an easy way to bring people together. We know the road brings with it discomfort–we design for ease of use and safety for everyone.

  • Community Focus.

    We see our product as a tool for fostering connection, anytime, anywhere. Getting talking can be hard, we want to help take some pressure off.

  • Anchor Communication.

    Kind communication leads to a kinder world. Our goal is to make communication a little simpler, while focusing on meaningful conversations.

  • Make the World Better.

    We’re all about growth–as humans, as a community, as a planet. Our product strives to do no harm to earth and builds bridges between those inhabiting it.